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Tips for Feeding a Raw Diet on a Budget!

1) Buy in Bulk! Purchase chubs instead of patties or patties instead of medallions, nuggets, sliders, bites etc. They have all sorts of names for these convenient little portion sized meat chunks but buying your raw in a bulk size will save you money. IB Pet stocks K9 Kraving and Smallbatch chubs at both of our locations. We can also special order Primal, Bravo, Vital Essentials chubs, OC Raw bulk bag and Smallbatch bulk boxes of upon request.

Email or call our staff at 619-822-1610 to make a request or to get more information!

2) Select a raw food that offers a Frequent Buyer Program such as Primal & Nature's Variety. IB Pet is one of the few stores that has a Frequent Buyer program for Nature's Variety.

3) Stock up when it's on sale! Since raw is stored frozen it can last months in a deep freezer. Take advantage of deals when you can and stock up. Our IB store now has a Clearance Freezer section, so check it out!

4) Use coupons! Visit the websites for your favorite raw brands and add yourself to their email list. They send out coupons all the time that you can print and bring in to save!

5) Supplement with raw bones. Raw bones tend to be cheaper and can be fed as a meal replacement a few times a week. We purchase them in bulk and break them down at IB Pet to help you save. Feeding bones is also wonderful for keeping your pets teeth clean and then busy! Click here to learn more about the dental benefits of a raw diet.

We are happy to cater to any bulk raw request you need. If you happen to need more than what we keep on hand at our store please let us know. Email to make a bulk order request. We will ensure to have what you need in stock when you need it.

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