3 Steps To Naturally Eliminating Fleas

Fleas are a big problem during the summer months for many pet owners. Follow these three steps and tips that I demonstrate in my video to effectively eliminate fleas from your pet, home and yard. I've been using these practices and products for years with much success.

1. Treating the pet.

Spray your pet with a natural flea spray such as Wondercide Pets & Home whenever you see fleas on your pet. You can also use is to prevent fleas from jumping on you pet by spraying it on them before a walk or trip to the dog park. Whenever you see fleas on your pets be sure to bath your dog with a natural flea and tick shampoo.

2. Treating your home:

Vacuum you home daily. Use a natural flea spray such as Wondercide Pets & Home inside your home on your pet's bedding, carpet and floors. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on your floors and carpet. Wash your pet's bedding at least twice a week until you no longer see fleas on your pet.

3. Treating your yard.

Use Diatomaceous earth on patios, sidewalks and grass to kill fleas in your yard. Spray your yard and plants with a natural flea spray such as Wondecide Yard & Garden. Repeat weekly until you no longer see fleas on your pet.

The toxins in many flea and tick products on the market can be very harmful to your pet. You wouldn't use these chemicals on your children so don't use them on your pets. For more natural products that work check out my other video below , Natural Flea & Tick Control that Works.

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