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Tips for Feeding a Healthy Raw Diet on a Budget

We believe that feeding a raw diet is one of the best choices

you can make for your pets health. However it can be a little pricey compared to dry food. If you are a savy shopper you can do it without breaking the bank! Here are a few tips:

  1. Purchase bulk chubs instead of patties, medallions, nuggets, sliders, bites etc. They have all sorts of names for these convenient portioned meat chunks but getting it in bulk and portioning out yourself will save to tons of money!

  2. Stock up when it’s on sale! When kept frozen raw can last you months so take advantage of deals when you can. Purchase a small chest freeze and buy when the it’s on sale. Craiglist is a great place to look for an inexpensive freezer for you pet food storage.

  3. Supplement with raw bones. Look for deals on raw frozen bones and stock up. Bones can be fed as a meal replacement. They are also wonderful for keeping your pets teeth clean and then busy.

  4. Feed raw just one meal a day. Any raw whole food that you can add into your pets diet will improve their health. If switching completely is not an option adding just a little is better than adding none at all. Fido will thank you!

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