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3 Completely Free & Natural Ways to Reduce Fleas!

by Lori Blauert


With any level of flea infestation you will need to do a thorough cleaning of your home. You will also need to clean daily until the situation has been brought under control. Vacuum every corner of your home, along baseboards, under beds and furniture. Be sure to empty your vacuum canister or throw out the vacuum bag when done. Wash all of your dog’s bedding and toys with warm soapy water. Removing the majority of flea eggs and larvae present will help to significantly reduce the population of adults hatching in your home.


Fill your bathtub with enought arm water to cover your pets back when lying down. Mix your favorite pet friendly shampoo or soap of your choice to the water and have you pet soak in the tube for 5-10 minutes. Most of the fleas on your pet will not be able to survive in the soapy water and will drown. Also by soaking your pet the larva is more likely to wash way than if you were to just pouring water over you pets back.

TIP: The fleas will run the opposite direction when your pet is placed in the water. I usually like to lather up the neck area with shampoo so that the fleas to not run into the face, eyes and ear area when bathing.

3) DROWN FLEAS IN SOAPY WATER W/ LIGHTPlace a plate of soapy water under a lamp in an area of your home where you have noticed the most fleas. Fleas are attracted to light just like most insects so attracting them will be easy. The soupy water doesn’t allow them to escape and they will drown very easily. This is also a great way to measure if the amount of fleas in your home has been reduced.

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