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Naturally Eliminate Fleas with Beneficial Nematodes!

If you are a pet owner living in IB, you are aware of the flea problem we have each summer. A little over a month ago, a customer came in the shop inquiring about beneficial nematodes. He said they get rid of fleas and wanted me to start carrying them at IB Pet. I finally got around to researching these funny named little things and learned that they are microscopic round worms that feed on fleas, grubs, gnats and over 200 other icky pests that develop in the soil. Chances are these nematodes already exist in your yard unless you've treated it with toxic insect killers which is just not healthy for anyone. If you have children or pets and are dealing with a flea or pest problem nematodes are a fantastic natural and organic option for pest control. You can purchase Scanmask Beneficial Nematodes at IB Pet during the spring and summer months or from your local home and garden store year round. Apply nemotodes to your lawn and garden with a sprayer. The nematodes are completely safe for humans and pets and will begin to attack flea larva and other pests immediately following application. Ok, so you've got the nematodes eating the fleas in your yard, but what are you going to do about the fleas in the house? We recommend that you vacuum your home daily to removed fleas and debris from your home. We also suggest using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to kill fleas in your home of fleas. Diatomaceous earth (another funny name) is the fossilized remains of silica shelled algae, known as diatoms. When DE comes n contact with fleas and other insects it kills them by dehydrating them. It is completely safe to use in your home and around people and pets. DE can even be fed to your pet as a de-wormer. Click here to learn more about DE. Lastly if your dog or cat is suffering from fleas you can eliminate them by using natural flea shampoos and sprays that contain ingredients such as cedar oil, peppermint oil and clove oil. Stop in IB Pet and ask us about natural flea prevention and treatment. We'd be happy to help you!

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